Sandbach Historic Anniversaries

Upcoming anniversaries as of today: Sat 28th Jan 2023

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This year
Original dateEventAnniversary
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17th Mar 1970New Marriott House library opens 53rd    
29th Mar 1926Marriott House library opens 97th    
30th Mar 1974Sandbach Town Council formed 49th    
4th Apr 1579Royal Charter awarded 444th    
16th Apr 1922War Memorial unveiled 101st    
17th Apr 1908Dr Charles Latham memorial opens 115th    
22nd Apr 1990Sandbach Transport Festival (first) 33rd    
23rd Apr 1913King George V and Queen Mary visited Sandbach 110th    
26th Apr 1941Bomb hits Wheelock 82nd    
4th May 1842Sandbach to Manchester railway line opens 181st    
6th May 2006Wesley Centre opens 17th    
8th May 1937Elworth Park opens 86th    
16th May 1920Elworth War Memorial unveiled 103rd    
21st May 1921British Legion Sandbach Branch formed 102nd    
27th May 1901Dingle Lake opens 122nd    
30th May 1825Sandbach Bridge: First stone bought 198th    
12th Jun 1861St John’s Church, Sandbach Heath, consecrated 162nd    
21st Jun 1961New Sandbach Fire Station opens 62nd    
23rd Jun 1846St. Peter's Church Elworth consecrated 177th    
26th Jun 1945Winston Churchill visits Sandbach 78th    
1st Jul 1868Sandbach to Northwich railway line opens 155th    
2nd Jul 1889Town Hall Foundation Stone Laid 134th    
17th Jul 2008Sandbach becomes Fairtrade Town 15th    
9th Aug 1847St Mary's Church restoration commemorated 176th    
10th Aug 1842Crewe to Sandbach railway opens 181st    
28th Aug 1934Sandbach Cemetery opens 89th    
28th Aug 1902Foden's Band first Contest 121st    
3rd Sep 1651Battle of Sandbach 372nd    
5th Sep 1837Hope Street Chapel opens 186th    
9th Sep 1816Sandbach Crosses restored 207th    
19th Sep 1892Town fountain opens 131st    
28th Sep 1677Sandbach Grammar School Founded 346th    
28th Sep 1976Sandbach History Society inaugural meeting 47th    
28th Sep 1853Sandbach Racecourse last race 170th    
29th Sep 2010Sandbach Concert Series begins 13th    
29th Sep 1818Sandbach Racecourse opens 205th    
7th Oct 2006Community Garden opens 17th    
10th Oct 1922Scotch Common presented to Town 101st    
28th Oct 1890Town Hall officially opens 133rd    
1st Nov 1561Empty chests found in River Wheelock 462nd    
15th Nov 1963M6 Opens near Sandbach 60th    
27th Nov 1986Sandbach bypass opens 37th    
1st Dec 1890Sandbach Market Tolls set 133rd    
8th Dec 2011Tree of Lights Ceremony begins 12th    
13th Dec 1825Sandbach Brook Bridge completed 198th    
Next year
1st Jan 1857Sandbach Literary Institute built 167th ✱
1st Jan 1656The Old Hall built 368th ✱
1st Jan 1634Black Bear Inn built 390th ✱
1st Jan 157010 Well Bank built 454th ✱
1st Jan 1902Foden's Band formed 122nd ✱
1st Jan 1901Sandbach Park opens 123rd ✱
1st Jan 1895Sandbach Golf Club founded 129th ✱
1st Jan 1886Sandbach Cricket Club founded 138th ✱
17th Jan 1976Leisure Centre opens 48th ✱
21st Jan 1852Sandbach to Harecastle railway line opens 172nd ✱